This page is simply here to give you a bit more information before you arrive....we'll be looking for you.

For Your Information

This page is here to make some suggestions and clarify some popular misconceptions and rumors about our facility. This page is new and is probably far from complete as there is no doubt that other things will come to our attention that should be made clear on this page. All in all, there is no new big news on this page but rather just some things that we think that you should hear directly from us rather than on the street. The following list is not in order by importance.

  1. We are always full - This is simply NOT true. All too often we hear people say that they camped somewhere else because they knew that we would be full and sold out. Actually, we wish that was true but it is definitely not the case. So next time you hear on the street that we are full please give us a call at 319.878.3888 to just may be pleasantly surprised.
  2. It always rains - No, no, no! It does not rain any more often here than it does most other places. What we are hearing is that people say that it was raining at their house so they assumed that it was also raining here. Again, give us a call at 319.878.3888 and get the info from the horse's mouth (pun intended).
  3. Shimek Forest will be too muddy - Well, that might possibly be the case but we are NOT dependent on the trails in Shimek. We have trails on our own 600 acres that are open every day during camping season rain or shine. Also, many times there have been rumors about the trails in Shimek being closed due to mud when in fact they were not. In short, there will always be trails to ride on at the River Valley Lodge and Campground.
  4. Fair weather riders - If you are a "fair weather rider" please wait and make your reservations at the last minute so you will not be calling and canceling because of the weather. We simply have too many riders who are willing to come rain or shine that we cannot reserve spaces, turn away others, and then at the last minute have that space canceled. This is why our policy is "NO REFUNDS".   
  5. Stay tuned - Because as mentioned above, we are sure that we will be adding more info on this page.

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